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Perhaps the most difficult question to answer for us is "Which are the Best Legal Herbs?" Besides requiring us to read minds, anticipate bodily reactions of millions of people, and rate the herbal legal high experience for someone else, it's just unfair. There's just no way to tell what one person will like best. But in lieu of reading your mind, we can offer you this rundown of what's in the best legal herbs we've tried.

Damiana. Who says it has to be imported to be an herbs legal high ingredient? Damiana is grown right here in the USA, in Texas, and produces a wonderful euphoric herbal legal high when smoked, along with calming and relaxing effects. One great thing about damiana is that if you prefer not to smoke your legal herbs highs, you can drink this one too—that's what the Mexicans did. They made a liqueur out of it—the original margarita.

Mullein. Although it's not common in legal herb bud ingredients, mullein is a great medicine and helps the smoke from other more potent herbs go down smooth. Although it isn't psychoactive per se, it does help prevent coughing when you inhale, and if you just blew a big wad of cash on your herbs legal blend, you'll appreciate the opportunity to absorb all the psychotropic properties and get your herbal legal high.

Skullcap. Of all legal herbs high ingredients, scutelleria nana has the ability to produce one of the most potent highs we've ever experienced. Don't be confused by the fact that there are three varieties of skullcap commonly found in legal herbs bud—all three are psychoactive, but nana is the champagne of all herbs legal blend ingredients.

Mugwort. Known affectionately in days gone by as sailor's tobacco, mugwort is a gentle narcotic that will help you to have lucid dreams and pleasant evenings. It used to be also used in place of hops to make beer (thus the word "mug" in the name) and is related to the wormwood plant, which has been known to produce some rather vivid and bizarre hallucinations in imbibers.

Kanna. Pure kanna is one of the most interesting new legal herbs highs out there right now. Chewed by the African tribe the Hottentots (how's that for a cool name?), it produces visions, hallucinations, and general intoxication effects of euphoria in smokers. And you might wonder where to buy legal herbs with kanna in them—it is from Africa after all. The answer is to look for it on the back of the packet or in the ingredient list online when you're shopping for your legal herb.

Now that you've got an idea of some of the best herbal legal high ingredients, you might be wondering where to buy legal herbs. Although you can sometimes find them in a local gas station or adult novelty store, the best place is on the internet.

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